About Ian E

Ian Emberton started racing 125 street bikes in the late 80s , following a one off trip to watch a motorcycle race , just 6 months after learning to ride a bike !

As you can imagine, with little experience and knowledge, it was an unlikely start to a career in motorsport ! With little money he began to learn how to do pretty much everything for himself eventually racing International 125GP events, on a self built, self tuned, but none the less, a very fast bike.

Having retired from full time racing in 1996, Ian then went on to build Grand prix winning Sidecar engines for Derek Brindley , British 125cc championship winners for Steve Patrickson , Chris Palmer and Kenny Tibble . AMA 250 runner up for Bondo Bobby Keith , European 250cc Championship race wins with Jarno Janssen and then onto the USA to work with Jason Disalvo in the Freddie Spencer backed Team America GP racing.

He has worked very closely with BPS as part of the development team for the highly acclaimed BPS Programmable ignition system.

Now, Ian runs a very susccessful business supplying parts and accessories, placing equal importance on helping competitors and sports riders deal with the whole package. You can be sure that buying product from Ian will come with technical back up and advice. You may find parts slightly cheaper elswhere. Many companies have picked up on what Ians and doing and tried to jump on the bandwagon. You may even find them easier to get in touch with, if Ians away on track.

You WON’T however, find many who have better in depth knowledge on the products or services they supply, or who will make absolutely sure the products are the right thing for your needs .

He regularly works as a team and technical consultant, passing on his experience to improve riding skills , machine performance, set up and team logistics around the world at every level . .

Every engine is built or tuned by Ian

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